Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps work like the air conditioning systems but they function in a different way, as they can both heat and cool the air and they are also proficient in heating water.

There are many benefits but also weaknesses when using an air source heat pump system. The gain of having such a system in your home, are:

  • it does not only heat air, but also the water
  • it runs on an electric scheme, so the possible danger of using a flammable fuel being utilized for heating
  • as a result of several moving parts, the costs of the maintaining are very low, regardless of the way the outdoors heat exchangers are kept free from debris
  • weight against a resistant heater, an air source heat pump only uses from 1/3 to ¼ of the quantity of electricity for the same heat production, and this largely decreases the price of utility bills
  • they work great in the summer, as they cool the air, and also in the winter as they produce heat
  • it is usually installed with auxiliary heat meaning in case the pumps requires repairing, it can still supply a source of heat

Similar to any king of products, in conjunction with the benefits, there are also disadvantages like:

  • from the environmental point of view, it contributes to the global warming by running on electricity
  • the air source heat pump is marketed as a sustainable tool and a low energy, but it is worth mentioning that there are possibilities for causing global warming, if the refrigerant from the system should leak
  • its condenser unit has a need of a large outside space
  • if it is utilized with a traditional healing system such as a retrofit radiator, and it turns out to be difficult, an healing system needs to be installed under the floor as an alternative

All in all, the air source heat systems offer low price heating that can supply four times more heat than an electric resistance heater. click here to find out more.

The Best Heat Pumps Systems

If you are in the market to purchase the best heat pump systems you are better aware of the fact that this will need a important financial investment. So it is highly important to situate the greatest valued heat pump, a model that can be bought at the smallest possible cost, which will at the same time maximize your year-to-year energy economies. This will help you choose the best heat pump.

The Best Heat Pump Systems Costs: Interpreting the Total Picture of Heat Pump Systems

In order to create an intelligent conclusion in taking best valued heat pumps, you must first come to see the total picture. All the elements that determine heat pump costs. For example, you cannot rely on initial buy price alone when getting a buying conclusion. You must also get into circumstance any prices related with the installation of your heat pumps systems as well. This is how you must think when you want to acquire a best heat pump.
Producing an thinking interpreting about best valued heat pumps also thinks that you will require to accurately figure your yearly operational prices. Heat pump units that operate more efficiently are mostly more high-priced to buy, but because they operate more efficiently than a have a smaller operational cost. This means that a heat pump unit with an attractive purchase price may actually cost you more money in the long run, as compared to well valued heat pumps.


Another element determining heat pump costs are your servicing and repair costs. As you may know already, heat pumps must be visited, picked, and functioned on a regular basis — and if you will be charged for those service calls, that will supply to your lowest line. Unique dealers/installers may point different values for their maintenance and service calls — sometimes it’s viable to buy a best valued heat pump — the perfect unit — from a unique dealer who charges less for their service calls.

The Best Heat Pump: Select Your Dealer/Installer

Your dealer/installer is an extremely important element in all of this. You will require to rely on your dealer to propose you regarding the best heat pump (model or type) for your house — so you will want to feel you can believe their advice and recommendations. You will also require to rely on your dealer (or those who work with him) to get your heat pump unit properly established. The best valued heat pump in the whole world will not function properly if it is not installed correctly — again, your dealer/installer plays a critical role. And of course, when it it comes time to have your heat pump serviced, you will again be banking on your dealer for that service.
For these causes I would powerfully recommend that you focus not just on the types of heat pumps which are available, but also carefully research and investigate the various dealers in your region. All other things being equal, a quality respected dealer will be more probably to deal you an economic, best valued heat pump than a dealer whose qualifications and reputation are questionable.

How to choose the best heat pump conclusion

When looking for a respected dealer/installer, make sure to ask for references from past clients, get all estimates in writing, check them out with your local community Chamber of Commerce or BBB, and also see with other people you know — neighbors or family members maybe — who have had heat pumps installed in their houses recently, sometimes other people can be the best way to find a better valued heat pump. I hope you will find value in this tips for choosing the best heat pump.

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Heat Pumps Manufacturers

Which Brands create the Highest Quality Heat Pumps?
Many companies construct heat pumps. Please surf the profiles of the next heat pump manufacturers:

Aire-Flo Heat Pumps

Aire-Flo™ furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps and air handlers have the money-saving energy efficiency and complete craftsmanship you need. And with over 50 years’ experience, Aire-Flo knows how to present the strength, reliability and economy you need.

American Standard Heat Pumps

Searching to advance or change a part, or give your house warming and cooling system new abilities, like air cleansing or humidity control? You’ll get your choice of reliable, American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning parts right here.

Arcoaire Heat Pumps

Arcoaire® Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps & Gas Furnaces. Arcoaire® high-efficiency air conditioners, heat pumps and petrol furnaces. Once you select your air conditioner, furnace or heat pump, use the Dealer Locator get your local heating and air conditioning contractor.


From a perfect line of high-efficiency petrol, oil and electric furnaces to a large rate of central air conditioners and heat pumps, you can’t go wrong with an Armstrong Air™ system. Since 1928, Armstrong Air products have been offering cooling and heating results with your requires in mind.


Thank you for seeing us. We hope that you can find an Armstrong Air product that will give you the comfort you’ll want with you.

Bryant Heat Pumps

The rock-solid Bryant Evolution Series heat pump provides Bryant’s highest efficiency performance and most comfort choices, and the Preferred and Legacy Line products offer economic comfort. Remember, the advanced the SEER and HSPF ratings, the more cost-savings you can get. Plus, you can add a Bryant gas furnace and enjoy hybrid warming.

Fedders Heat Pumps

Fedders Corporation of Liberty Corner, N.J., offers air conditioning and new air treatment products for commercial and residential coverings to markets international. Product lines accept residential central air conditioning systems, including condensing units, air handlers, petrol furnaces, air cleaners, and humidifiers, vertical and horizontal packaged air conditioners and heat pumps for commercial, residential and telecommunications coverings and also, appliance air treatment products.

General Electric Heat Pumps

General Electric Company gets residential room air conditioner, commercial and industrial central air conditioners and heat pumps. General Electric Company is a publicly applied company and sells under the New York Stock Exchange symbol . Headquartered in Fairfield, Connecticut, General Electric Company has yearly sales exceeding $134 .

Goodman Heat Pumps

When you pick up the Goodman brand, you can rest sure that you’ll have a refreshfully cheap product that’s treated by what many believe to be the greatest product warranties in the warming and cooling industry.

Luxaire Heat Pumps

When you want a high-quality comfort system to create your home more enjoyable, it pays to select Luxaire® products. With greatest, high-efficiency Luxiare heating and cooling systems, your family stays more comfortable and safe year around.

Rheem Heat Pumps

Rheem Manufacturing Company is one of the international leading producers of residential Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, Petrol Furnaces, Air Handlers and cheap HVAC products.

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Solar Powered Heat Pumps

Disclosed is a solar powered heat pump functional for any heating building place and for offering refrigeration. The device functions on a chemical result  intermittent heat pump cycle in which the moderately high temperature heat given by insolation is applied to drive the desorber. The device makes inherent thermal storage, can be factory made, sealed, and tested, can be electronically controlled for totally automatic process, and includes a built-in back-up heater which obviates the need for installation of a separate back-up heating system. It can be fabricated from low-cost materials such as glass, and implodes instead than explodes on failure.
A favorite embodiment of the device is planned as a regular unit which can promptly be mixed with others of same design to create a solar powered battery panel for heating and cooling. This embodiment rather contains a tubular enclosure defining a pair of chambers separated by a valve. A first chamber is packed with silicon gel (or an equivalent adsorbent material) placed such that mass and heat change through the gel take place quickly and in comparable time periods.

The first chamber is surrounded by a wide diameter, solar radiation clear housing and the annular space between the chamber and housing is evacuated. The enclosure is mounted together with a diffuse light reflector which focuse sunlight toward the first chamber. Heat exchangers provide thermal communication between several chambers and a pair of duct portions modified for connection to a building heat distribution system.

Heat Pumps Prices

Heat Pumps Prices in Auckland

There are two different types of heat pumps that you can install in your home. There are the ground source heat pumps, which are more energy-efficient than air heat pumps. The ground source heat pumps do not demand extra electrical heaters and they output less carbon dioxide. All heat pumps have been reported to have excellent performance in extreme temperatures and even work wonderfully during extreme cold temperatures.
The installation process of a heat pump can take about two to three days. You can expect to add this to the price of the unit because you have to pay for the labor that it takes to install the machine. When looking to have your heat pump installed you should look for a company that has extensive experience in this area so that they do not have to take extra time to figure out what they are doing. This will keep the total price of your unit that much lower.


The initial investment into a heat pump can be quite costly. The prices are typically higher than the air-source pumps. An average size heat pump will cost approximately twenty-five hundred dollars per ton of capacity. An average house would need a heat pump of approximately three tons. This means that you would expect to pay approximately seventy-five hundred dollars to have a heat pump installed in your home. People are often put off by the initial price but in the long run they can expect to save a great deal of money using this machine.
The installation process of a heat pump can take about two to three days. You can expect to add this to the price of the unit because you have to pay for the labour that it takes to install the machine. When looking to have your heat pump installed you should look for a company that has extensive experience in this area so that they do not have to take extra time to figure out what they are doing. This will keep the total price of your unit that much lower.
Heat pumps are energy efficient devices used for both heating and cooling a home or small area. They are great in that they use very little electricity and produce minimal emissions in comparison to traditional furnaces and home heating devices. People often wonder about heat pump prices when they are considering having one installed in their home.

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Geothermal Heat Pumps

Similar to an air conditioning or a refrigerator, a geothermal heat pump system utilizes a heat pump in order to compel the transmission of heat from the ground to the device, and even in the areas that do not benefit from vast geothermal resources, such a system still supplies air heating and cooling. The premise is that heat can be taken out of any source, regardless of the degree of cold, but a hotter source will allow greater efficiency. Unlike an air source heat pump which takes out heat from the colder air from outside, requiring more energy, a geothermal heat pump system makes use of the shallow ground as a resource of heat, therefore taking the benefits of its seasonal mild temperatures.

The geothermal heat pump systems are amid the most comfortable and efficient heating and cooling structures existing at this time, as they use the earth’s natural temperature. They are comparable to the usual heat pumps, but they make use of the ground as an alternative to the air in order to supply heating, air conditioning and hot water.


As a more detailed explanation, the geothermal heat pump functions on the solar energy stored in the earth’s crust. The energy is transmitted to and from the ground’s surface through solar radiation, wind and rain. The ground’s temperature, which deepens at more than 30 feet, stays stable and it is analogous to the yearly typical air temperature.

There is a number of benefits for using a geothermal heat pump system, such as:

  1. they can concurrently cool and heat diverse parts of the same building
  2. the system can be fixed in multiple areas, each area having an individual control room
  3. unlike using other traditional heat pump systems which require a lot of space, these systems offer greater freedom in buildings designs as a result of 50 – 80% less mechanical room space
  4. the pipes have a 50 year life expectancy
  5. they function very silently, so you will not even know that the device is functioning
  6. there is no outside equipment to put out of sight, reducing vandalism and roof top units
  7. you can forget about a boiler and chiller maintenance
  8. it is all electrical, and so multiple utility services are eliminated

Here’s an article if you’re interested in Solar Powered Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps #infographics

Infographics are the best way of showing how heat pumps works in the background. Heat Pumps are the best way of heating your house and the same time helps in saving energy. Heat Pumps keeps your house cool in summer and keeps your house warm in winter. Sometime people gets confused between this two words, “Heat Pumps” and “Air Conditioning”, but these two mean the same thing.

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