Natural Gas Heat Pump

This unit operating in its heating cycle gives an annual heating efficiency of 126% AFUE. This efficiency is over 100% due to the fact that it moves the heat from the outdoors to the indoors. With the engine being liquid cooled, the unit captures the heat from the coolant and adds this heat to warm your home. Thus it is able to give 26% more heat than the energy that it consume.
Since this equipment is a heat pump, it runs during the cooling season to provide you with air conditioning and dehumidification. During the summer months, the unit moves heat from the air inside your home to the outdoors to make you comfortable. While operating in the cooling mode, it operates at a SEER of 15.6. This efficiency equals or surpasses the top of the line electric air conditioners.


A natural gas heat pump can operate over a very broad range of load requirements since it is a variable speed unit. When your home requires much heat on a cold February day, the unit runs at its higher engine speeds. On an October day, when your heating load is light, the unit can run at its idle speed for the most efficient operation.


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Top 4 Advantages of Heat Pump Over Air Conditioners

Proper home management entails a host of really challenging decisions. As a result, the average homeowner has to choose how to effectively regulate in-house temperatures while still keeping energy bills under constant check. Although there are a couple of great cooling systems in the current domestic appliances industry, choosing the most appropriate ones isn’t as easy as you might casually think.

For instance, one may have to weigh the pros and cons of using heat-pumping appliances or an air conditioning system in order to see what works better for their home. As such, this short write-up briefly highlights the main advantages of using these heat-reduction pumps instead of conventional air-conditioning options. Continue reading to discover some in-depth details about heat pump versus air conditioners in order to determine which one is more suitable for your residential use.

1. Heat Pumps Attract Lower Energy Costs

To begin with, a heat pump is better than air conditioners because it attracts markedly lower annual energy bills. Although both appliances operate similarly by reducing temperatures inside the house, a heat pump can be reversed as soon as the cooling season is over. As such, the cheaper alternative is a truly cost-effective choice for millions of individuals fighting to make both ends meet. In fact, very few people would be willing to part with an extra penny paying for that which could have been acquired at a much less price.

2. Heat Pumps Play a Doubly Greater Role

Again, opting for a heat pump instead of installing air conditioning systems enables you to enjoy cooler interiors during hot seasons and pleasantly warmer ones when it’s extremely cold. This is simply because the former can eliminate excess internal heat and also reduce unbearable coldness by bringing outside heat from into the house. However, air-conditioning installations can only perform the single task of cooling the house – they’re not able to warm a wintry lounge. Considering the first point highlighted above, many homeowners find heat-pumping appliances both cheaper to maintain and doubly more useful than air conditioners.

3. Heat Pumps Can Act As Mini Geothermal Systems

Besides the two advantages discussed in the foregoing paragraphs, heat pumps can also act as mini geothermal systems in some specific technical circumstances. Needless to say, air-conditioning apparatuses cannot serve this understandably complex purpose. Consequently, every individual shopping for a variously useful heating and cooling system that might be also utilized to generate energy from the earth’s native heat may decide to prioritize a heat pump over air conditions. Nonetheless, this is a rather rare consideration since not many handlers will want to produce geothermal power for home use.

4. Heat-Pumping Systems Are Significantly More Environment-Friendly

Additionally using heat pumps in the place of air-conditioning installations helps conserve the surrounding environment in a significantly better manner than latter. For instance, these more environment-friendly systems make proper use of our planet’s underground heat, and can thus help reduce the excessively lethal carbon emissions associated with fossil fuels. If you’re a Green Movement enthusiast, for example, this Nature-preserving option will sound more appealing and innately satisfying. This plainly explains why most conservationists would doubtless go for heat pumps over air conditioners if given a chance to choose either of the two options.


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